Worcester Pride Volunteer Application Pack

L? G? B? T? Str8? Living in Worcester/shire? ... Read on....
Worcester Pride aims to promote equality, fairness and acceptance through all of its activities.
Celebration of our community is important to us; it allows us to unite and share our achievements and work with other communities. It can also help raise awareness of the issues we face as LGBT people not just in Worcester but in the world.
Worcester Pride Forum organisers would like this event to be ”free”, this is achievable through fund-raising, sponsorship and donations but ultimately through members of our local community and other communities helping out.
Hard work, commitment and determination from people in our communities are vital to helping us make this first event for Worcester completely magical for everyone attending.

If you are interested in becoming a supporter of Worcester Pride you can do this in several ways.
1. Helping us to fund raise for the event ( there will be a list of planned mini events to raise money )
2. Help organise the event (it really isn’t rocket science) it is actually very simple, so don’t be afraid to offer your help and support.
3. Help us engage with companies and organisations to support us through sponsorship
4. Help on the day (there will be so much to do)

Everyone has skills and things they do well. ... Have you found yours yet? yes I mean you!.. Worcester Pride might just be what you are looking for! So why not join something amazing for Worcester!!, Contact us to find out just how you can help make this event an historic one for our faithful city.

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Please print off , fill in the sections and post to the address supplied.

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